100% gluten free

It is an exotic food, which not only serves to nourish our body, but also contains a number of properties and substances that will help us achieve much stronger health.


We must highlight its power purifying the blood. Since ever this food has been used as a powerful elixir when purifying the body of impurities that cause us diseases. Yam helps us to eliminate toxins, getting our body in perfect conditions.

Strengthens defenses

Yam helps to increase defenses in the organism. It has immunological properties, which strengthen the lymphatic system of the organism.

Helps fight disease Dermatics such as dermatitis, eczema of the skin, etc.


Yam is a widely used to get rid of blood clots produced by bruises, as well as in cases of rheumatism, arthritis, gout … it helps remove excess accumulated liquid, it has anti-inflammatory properties and healing.

Fertility ally

Yam contains high amounts of phytoestrogens, which are involved direct in the menstrual cycle of women and in maintaining youth in female reproductive organs. Minimize the effects of menopause on the body of the woman.

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